Saturday, February 9, 2008

Donut Feed?

There are many opinions regarding the use of iPods or similar devices when riding, and I normally subscribe to the "It's okay IF you ride smart" camp. However, today I may have changed my mind. I may have also missed out on a nice snack...

I was boppin' away to some sweet tunes today while cranking up Rt. 11 toward Alston. On a day when temps are barely reaching 20 F, it's nice to have some music in the ear to keep your mind off the numbing cold penetrating your double shoe covers and attacking your toes. Fatboy Slim began to fill my ear when I suddenly heard a beep. As cyclists, we are all accustomed to the oboxious honking of impatient drivers; yet, today I heard the beep but no car passed. I hesitate to turn and see the face of the driver about to run me down. Really, who wants to look into the eyes of a killer weilding a 2 ton weapon!? Finally, I overcame my fear and peeked over my shoulder. Instead of seeing the eyes of my executioner, I was looking directly through the round-frame glasses of Brian Croteau. I continue to ride as Croteau guides his car alongside me as if he's just on another bike taking his position in the pace line. (By the way, the car was filled with Croteau and a bunch of girls? WTF?! Croteau with girls??) The windows in the Subaru-mobile descend and yelling emerges. But, with my thick, winter gloves on, I'm unable to stop Fatboy Slim from throwing beats into my ear drum. Instead, I'm forced to attempt lip reading and piecing together what little I can from the inaudible voices from the car. From a car containing Brian Croteau and a bunch of girls, I would normally imagine the screams to be from the ladies begging me to help them to freedom. However, this did not appear to be the case. My incredible lip reading skills led me to believe they were offering me donuts! To be more exact, I think I heard "we have donuts, do you want a donut feed?". A donut feed?! Are you kidding me? I'm a cyclist on an 85 mile ride. Of course I would want a freakin' donut! Pass 'er on over! However, fearing my lip reading skills and the possibility of misinterpereting their offer to give me a doodoo feed rathere than a donut feed, I just smiled and pretended like I knew what they were saying but avoided reaching my hand over to the car (that would have been SoPro though if I took a feed from a car on Rt. 11).

So, moral of the story? iPods are great for keeping your mind from going numb or letting you get your groove on while training. But, in many cases like I experienced today, an iPod can keep you from getting a chocolate/chocolate donut feed. Next time you're out driving come alongside me with white wires going to my ears, feel free to offer me tastey snacks, but please write me a menu so I don't have to guess what you're yelling to me!

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Bob T. said...

It's a good thing you didn't go for a donut, that's how Brian lured the women into the car.