Monday, February 25, 2008

Where's Spring?

After spending a weekend in North Carolina, it has been hard to face the brutallity of February in New England again. Training in the cold is not hard. Training in the snow, on the other hand, is hard and dangerous. Like a boxer surviving the 8th round against a stronger adversary, we suffered through another snow storm. However, I wish we were more like that boxer knowing he only has one more round to go. Who knows how many more storms we may face!?

Anyway, training in the cold is no fun. But, it's a little more bareable when 20 people gather outside Exeter Cycles and embark on the Group Ride of Pain. The status quo for the Sunday Exeter Ride is a moderate pace to cover 50+ miles. However, yesterday's suffer fest proves the New England cycling community is just itching to race. With only a half hour in the books, people began to "test" the rest of the group. For those in the know, Route 4's double humps mark the beginning of the Exeter Ride battle ground, and this day was no different. Attacks are launch then chased. The group reforms, but only briefly as other riders make their strategic strike. For the remaining 30+ miles, this is how the Exeter Ride rolls. Unfortunately, I eventually find myself riding off the front with Keith Button. We work well together and stay away for over five miles until we make the fatal decision. Normally, when riding through Lee, the Exeter group makes a left turn down some back roads. As creatures of habit, Keith and I make the turn only to hear the group yelling as they go straight. A bit of trickery to catch the break or a bit of bad luck in taking the turn? You decide. Either way, I spent the next 25 minutes chasing the group. Apparently, the group was under serious fire from TLC and that Rite Aid guy. So, I never caught them and rode in to Exeter with JHealy and KButton. My valiant effort on stealing glory on the Sunday Exeter Ride was all for not. Better luck next time I suppose.

Winter is still looming over our heads. But, with any luck, March will bring some nice weather and better riding. Until then, pull on an extra set of booties and enjoy the sand and salt New England roads have to offer.

>4 weeks until Florida Training Camp.

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