Wednesday, April 30, 2008


With three weeks of hard training in the books, my legs have built up considerable fatigue and they seem to be missing that snap. So, I'm enjoying a rest week. Coincidentally, my rest week is during a stretch of some crappy weather. It's so much easier to put in a good recovery interval when the sun isn't begging you to get on your bike so it can etch in those tan lines.

I've dedicated my rest week to reading and spending time with my pup. So, during my lunch break yesterday, I headed into Exeter for some soup at the Loaf and Ladle (highly recommended). With food in hand, I found a secluded corner by a window where I could peacefully enjoy my soup and book. I layed everything on the table and just started to open my book when another diner asked about my book. Apparently, he saw my open book and took it as a sign I was more interested in hearing about what he heard on NPR that morning. I was not. But, I listened anyway. Before he finished, another Loaf and Ladle patron was about to pass by my table before she glanced down at my table and noticed my book. She changed course and took sat at the table closest to mine. This book was like an eight week old puppy, and people were flocking to my table. I had, regardless of my wishes, formed the first Loaf and Ladle book club.

Eventually, I found a suitable excuse to evacuate from the restaraunt. I was no further along in my book, and I definitely did not enjoy my peaceful, SECLUDED table. Tomorrow I will have to attempt my plan again at another restaraunt.

Anyway, I'm resting this week. The Tour de Cure is happening this weekend and I'm skipping Jiminy. I organized the NorEast TdC team and will be leading our group on the Century ride. It should be a good time and an easy way to conclude a rest week with nice 6 hour ride.

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Giles said...

Truth! Nothing makes people want to talk to you like reading a book. Except possibly writing. People love to talk to you while you are writing. And of course, they always assume you are writing poetry.

Fact: Loaf and Ladle is opening a second edition in Portsmouth on Penhallow Street, the former location of Isis, on the corner of Commercial Alley.