Thursday, May 15, 2008

To Infinity And Beyond

This weekend will begin the Elite team's Summer Campaign of Leg Removal. Cycling is a friendly sport, but I think every one of us on the team is excited to get on the road and make every other team suffer and hate life. I'm sure the results will come as long as we turn the screws.

Sunapee is notorious for bad weather. I think every year I have attended this race, there has been cold temperatures and rain. So far, the forecast for the weekend calls for chances of showers and warmish temps. Let's hope Mr. Weather Man is on top of his game.

Anyway, look for us out there in the red/white kits and flashy Giro Ionas helmets. If we're by to fast to say hi, be sure to stop by the podium least I hope that's how the weekend works out.

Check back on Monday for a full report and results. Until then, brace yourself for pain.

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