Friday, August 1, 2008

(Imagine the Jeapordy Song)

Sorry for the lack of updates on the happenings with the team. Unfortunately, I have been out of the loop with an annoying knee problem, and the rest of the team has been hard at work racing...I think. There have been some good results since Fitchburg. Working Man's stage race was a success with Duncan and Rossman taking first and third, respectively. RKelly and I rode there to give our emotional support in the form of loud, obnoxious screaming. Honestly, I think we contributed to that strong performance. There have also been some other top 10 results. But, I wasn't there any they are posted on the side of the screen. Turn right.

This weekend we'll be racing in our backyard. The Concord Crit and Bow Road Race will kick-off tomorrow. I've been going to Access Sports Rehab Center for p.t. the past few days, and I'm hoping my knee will hold up. The crit is your normal crit with a slight rise in the third and fourth corner. The road race, on the other hand, is pretty tough. From the start/finish line, there is a long climb. It's pretty steep in some areas and seems to go on forever. Then there's a quick descent before climbing up the KOM climb. I'm sure it's going suck. I don't mean to be pessimistic, but I remember this course as being pretty brutal last year...and that was in the cat 3 race. Please, if you see my knee laying on the side of the course, pack it in ice and return it to me at the finish line. Thanks.

So, it's already August. There are only two months of racing before the Portsmouth Crit, my last road race of the season. Then 'cross.

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