Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year

Last year is behind us as we embark on an adventure into 2009. I won't go into details of my New Year's Eve celebration, but I can tell you I woke up with nothing short of the worst hangover of my life. The throbbing headache, new snow on the ground and broken shifter cable meant 2009 started with a rest day.

With my head back to normal the Mother Nature just barely cooperating, I've been getting in some decent riding. I braved the frigorific winds over the weekend and pedaled over the Parker/Catamount loop as well as a shorter loop through Nottingham. I was alone as others were less manly (and maybe smarter) than me and rode the trainers. I can't complain; I nearly froze to death, but at least I didn't get bored.

So, the blog is back up and running...for now. The 2009 racing season is quickly (I hope) approaching. If you are a Cat. 1 or 2 rider in need of a team for this season, please contact me at jaustin at timberland dot com. We have room for two more riders and would like to gave a full roster going into the season.

Anyway, happy New Year and enjoy the wonderful Arctic training grounds.

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Giles said...

woot. Tell Ryan to post more than once every 4 months, I know he's got a little blog of his own there.

Question: What races do you recommend for us little baby cat 5's in June? I've got my heart set on the Working Man's in July, but how about some local-ish warm-up June races?