Thursday, January 15, 2009

Maintaining sanity

As Josh previously posted, it's been stupid cold lately. Like the high for today was 7.

Seven degrees.

That doesn't make any sense.

As a result of the lovely January temperatures - and my desire to continue having functioning lungs,fingers and toes - I've spent quite a bit of time on the rollers. But rollers are not ideal, because the entire time I'm on the rollers, I just want to break a spoke off my wheel and push it through my chest.

To prevent this, I try to do something on the rollers - movies, music, occasionally video games.

Here are some specific recommendations:

- The recentish Transformers movie. It's about two hours and twenty minutes long (a perfect roller session length), and contains GIANT ROBOTS FIGHTING.

- Almost any stand up comedy DVD/illegally downloaded file. Most of these are an hour, obviously funny and entertaining, which will help to keep your mind off of the diminishing blood flow to your reproductive organs.

- The following albums, for a more energetic ride: The Slip and Year Zero (Nine Inch Nails), Songs for the Deaf and Era Vulgaris (Queens of the Stone Age). And to calm down, listen to High Times by Afroman.

- The ORIGINAL Star Wars Trilogy. About 4.5 hours. Plus it gives you some sweet bragging rights. Not everyone can watch an entire trilogy while riding their bike.

- Go to hulu. Watch "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia". It's fantastic and twisted. "Burn Notice" is also great, as it's mindlessly entertaining. If you want to learn, there are six seasons of the PBS show NOVA on there as well.

- For video games, you probably want to go with an XBox 360 (or other system with wireless controllers). The advantage of the XBox is that it has a pretty good store where you can buy cheap ($5) and entertaining games - including Mega Man 9, a good selection of Dreamcast games and many puzzle games. Plus you have the added challenge of paying attention to both a video game AND staying upright.

So, as much as I hate riding the rollers...I'm going to get back on them tonight. HOOOOOORAY!

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