Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Please Don't Kill Me

On my way into work this morning I almost became crow food. A woman in a Volvo wagon, no doubt jonesing for her morning hit of DD coffee, failed to realize the moving objecting coming towards her at high speeds. She turned across two lanes of traffic and nearly had a Josh Austin Missile burst through her passenger side window into her face. Fortunately, the hours spent training in snow and ice prepared me for the brake locked, tire skidding fish tail action I experienced as I attempted to avoid embossing my face in the indestructable Volvo frame. As you might imagine, I was both unhappy with the woman and unsure if the mound in my chamois was JUST road grime and mud from the wet roads. My mood, made sour by the soggy conditions, compelled me to follow the woman into the parking lot and yell at her through her closed window. She responded with, "sorry, I didn't see you" and a shrug of the shoulders. I'm no doctor, but I don't think that excuse saves my brain from looking like pasta alfredo a la tire tread after being run down by a 2,500 lbs car. Everyone, PLEASE WATCH WHERE YOU'RE DRIVING.

In other news, RKelly, Ryan Carney and I are driving to South Carolina for some warm weather riding. We leave Friday. I can barely contain my excitment of having the chance to dine at Sheetz, Waffle House and Cook Out ALL WITHIN A 24 HOUR PERIOD. There will be plenty of time for bloggin after rides. So, check back in later.

Also, I've noticed a direct correlation between weather and blog posts. As temperatures warm, we ride more and have more stories to relate to our faithful reader. The winter hibernation is over.

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