Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Crash and Burn

Racing bikes is not the safest sport in the world. It's not exactly cage fighting, but it's certainly more dangerous than curling. Riding at 25+mph in a large, tight group leaves little room for error. The touch of wheels, a careless swerve, or even a dropped bottle can quickly prove the laws of gravity. As I sit here writing, the dull ache of crashing reminds me of these dangers. Unfortunately, none of those dangers are to blame for my wounds. There were no riders around me. No wheels to cross. No bottles to impede my wheels. Just me. Riding with my head down. I was riding across a split in the field when I was suddenly airborne. A bump in the road sent my bike skyward. The harsh, unexpected jolt pried my hands from the bars and sent them searching for pavement. At the same time, my stem was finding a cozy resting spot just below my belt line. Like many crashes, I had what seemed like minutes to think about how much I was about to hurt.

I lay on the pavement in a ball praying the riders behind don't collide with me or my bike. As they come rushing by, I can hear their breathing and feel how close they are. But, there's no contact. Inventory time. What's hurt, broken, bent? Ripped shorts and jersey. Minor road rash on left knee, chest, arm. Bike seems fine excluding the ruined bar tap and torn hood cover. Oh wait, where is that pain coming from? Oh, that's where the stem slammed into my stomach.

For the most part, everything seemed to be okay. No major issues with my bike or body, thankfully. My race was scrapped, but everything else was alright. And, in becoming a spectator I got to A)see Rossman SPRINT for 8th B)talk to the women's P12 winner who was very cute (results give her name as Debony Diehl) C)enjoy the pain of washing out road rash.

PS-I must add, I have not crashed in a year. It was exactly one year ago in the same race, 100 yards from the same spot. Guess who's NOT going back to Lake Auburn next year!?!?

Balloon Festival this weekend. 90 degrees. 85 miles. Anyone want to give the NorEast team feeds??

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