Saturday, June 7, 2008

Is it the shoes!?

I'm sitting at our accomodations' computer right now preparing for the race. It's 7:01am. That may seem early. However, RKelly and I have been up since 5am talking about Big Slams, Cool Ranch Doritos and NBA Jam for Sega. Clearly, this is the most ideal race prep. The only thing to possibly enhance our riding performance, besides EPO/blood transfusions/steroids/better training, would be the addition of a 13" lcd tv for the car on which to play Sega NBA Jam before the race.

Today is the Balloon Festival Road Race. 85 miles. 90 degrees. NO ONE TO FEED US. It should be great. Let's hope we all keep it rubber-side down.


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Giles said...

. . . he's heating up!